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distance shader & active camera

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can you use the distance shader with the active camera as the 'from object' ?

I have a really large scale sc

Hi there, may I ask what exactly you're trying to do? I think it should be possible but would need more info. ;)

Sure is, I used to use this to do "slicer/cutaway" effects which made surfaces transparent as the camera moved closer. (now, I'd use the Slicer ;) )

hi Tom and Bengamin,

sorry some of my message hasn't posted well...

I'm working on a large scale project (a house with a few hectares of field/vineyard around it) and I'm trying to do the grass fields with scatters.
There is actually no need to scatter them too far away because my final image will be only 4000 pixels wide and the scatters themselves wouild not be visible.
Therefore I want to see if I can use the near/far clippin in the scatter object to limit the clones, but the soil is actually brown, so when I clip the scatter, in the distance my surface is still brown whereas it should be greenish.

Thus, I would like to limit the scatter p.e. at 10.000cm, and change the soil from brown to grass shader with a distance shader around that same distance (matching the green colour of the scattered elements).

In my project I  have about 50 cameras throughout the terrain, in a stgae object. I can use a specific camera as the distance shader object, but not the keyframed (active camera) in the stage object.

I'm wondering if the LOD object and camera clipping would be useful here? You could have multiple variations in detail of the scattered object and then use the settings to determine what level of detail is visible close range to the camera etc.


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