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Lightmix math


Sorry if the toppic is spammy, due to deadline can't test things to be 100% sure (and I need to be in this technical case).

If the corona lightmix intensity setting on the light was 3, then it means value of light 200 in the lightmix equals 600? If I changed the settings in lightmix to 1 and changed the light intensity in the light sourse from 200 to 600 the results will be the same ?

Shortly - 200 intensity in the light parameters and x3 in lightmix = 600 in the light parameters and x1 in lightmix? Or will slight error occur?
Does it goes the same for the output in bitmap of HDRI amount ?


Results won't be the same, due to adaptive sampling - Corona uses the intensity of a light source in the scene (compared to other light source intensities) to decide how much processing power to dedicate to solving for that light. This is why you should not boost things in LightMix by 100, let alone 200, probably no more than 10 or 20 - because the result will be very noisy. So, best to set your lights to be in the right range of intensity in the scene, and adjust by smaller amounts in LightMix.

(PS your second example of light intensity 200/LightMix 3, versus light intensity 600/LightMix 1, should work out very similar indeed, due to the smaller manipulation in LightMix in both examples :) )


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