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Corona renderer speed differences


I'm baffled at the speed of rendering and what is wrong with my machine.
Im using 3960x and my gf is using 5950x both 128gb RAM.
Her machine renders an image in 3hours (5950x), my machine (3960x) in 8 hours something the same scene!!
Im done with 112 passes, shes done with 10 passes the noise limit is the same (5%).
What is interesting, my machine produces more rays than hers, and still much much slower.
I don't understand what causes such massive difference. Hes machine is like 2.5x faster in terms of rendering.
Also to mention - she's using corona 9 and I'm corona 8.

Any ideas?

Can you try with Corona 9 also?

It could be that we fixed some bug between the versions which is why you are seeing this.

Let me know how you get on.


You should never use noise limit if you want to compare speed between different machines. Use pass limit instead. Even though the same scene should reach certain noise level after equal amount of pass regardless PC specifications, but that's only true if you use identical Corona versions, as noise calculation quite often slightly changes between each version. Simply put, your comparison technique is flawed and it's likely that there's nothing wrong with either of your machines.

To compare the rendering speed of different versions of Corona on different hardware:

Set a specific time limit to get reasonable quality (e.g. 10 minutes).
Compare (visually) which image looks better (less noisy, higher quality).

The machine which produces a better-looking image within the same time is the winner.

Thanks for the replies. It was difference between corona 8 and 9. Crazy how the render time is 3x faster in some cases.


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