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Take Manager Camera Exposure


Hello Forum,
can someone explain me how to change Exposure Value when using the c4D take system?
I have a room with different light settings, and i need to render out the images with different exposure values.
For Some reasons the recorded exposure Value seems not to be in the final image. Is it not possible to
record the camera exposure in the take system? Im using c4d 2023 and Corona 9, also tried c4ds r21 with Corona 8, with no luck.

When rendering the image without the take manager everything looks good, so the exposure value must be overwritten from the previous image or so.
Im familiar with the take system and i did not have any problems until today... so im thinking of a bug? Also there is no Icon for the Corona-Camera Tag in the Take Manager
It shows a missing Icon Symbol.

Thank You

Perhaps related to the Team render bug that loses the camera tag as well.

When I use the Take system, I'll usually have a separate camera for that Take Also, don't forget about a custom Render Setting assigned to that Take as well. Might already know that, but wanted to make sure.

You didn't say you were using Team Render, so not sure that old bug is causing this problem.


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