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Anbody with Octane or Redshift experience and how it compares to Coronarender


I am just wondering if there is anybody here who has experience with GPU Octane and or Redshift but is also using Coronarender. How about interactive rendering, speed to first pixel and the overall workflow advantages if there are any.
I noticed that most have years of experience with one render engine or another and often do not want to change. But I am constantly checking out what I might do next. Unreal, GPU or just stick to what I know (C4D Corona Mac). Maybe in the end there is nothing much to gain changing from one fast system to another. As Johan Cruijff used to say, every disadvantage has its advantage.

I have been using Corona for a few years now and also been trying Octane out this last year for a few projects. I must say both engines are great but after using Octane and then switching back to Corona I find myself getting a bit frustrated with the speed of Corona for both IPR and final render compared to Octane. Maybe I do something wrong or maybe my projects are more suited to Octane. I'm now doing a basic test scene and seems to be alot faster on Octane.

I'm using a pc with a 3960X threadripper and a 2080 super. So I can easily get a massive speed boost by updating my GPU to something like a 3090 also.

Tx, what kind of project do you do. Is it archviz with lots of vegetation, interiors ? It makes a difference maybe. Coronarender is fast for regular exterior work though. Problem I find is getting assets for Octane for archviz. But I am hearing good news about Octane lately crashing much less than from what I heard before.

I wish Corona would go GPU and think sooner or later they have to. I am getting a PC with a 7050x 16 core and a 4090 GPU. Supposed to be almost twice the speed of a 3090. I wonder especially about the times to first pixel. If Octane takes as long as Corona to calculate displacement and so on before starting to render then for me it will not be a big step forward. 90% of me waiting at my computer is for parcing the scene calculating before render.

Tx again for your response. Would love to hear a bit more on this subject although much has been written already. But that's all about render speed and almost none about interactive rendering, calculating displacements, scattering instances and so on. You need to be an experienced C4D user and most reviewers are not doing much more than benchmarking.

I work on a range of projects from arch viz to product and now getting into motion graphics. I've only done interior and product with Octane so far and my test scene was with lots of grass, as I wanted to compare speed of the two engines. Octane has sites like max tree and Quixel amongst others where you can get assets for Arch viz.

A 4090 would be great I think but a bit pricey for me... Maybe they have a sale on Black Friday. :)

The best thing to do is to get a demo of Octane and test your projects on it so you can compare.


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