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C4D Thinfilm doesn't work anymore with Corona

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Maybe it's just time for an integrated thin film layer in the physical material.

IDK how you all make it, but to me it seems to behave correctly.

One more for fun ;)


--- Quote from: Beanzvision on 2022-11-25, 11:32:22 ---Hi there, there does seem to be an issue with the Thin Film shader. If it's not reported already, I will do so. I was having a look at some options and these are my workarounds so far.

1. Scanned material: 555f00prism

2. A Layered mat with the edge colour bumped up and fresnel

3. A layered with a Legacy mat & Fresnel IOR cranked to 999, Glossiness at 69% & a fresnel shader in the the colour texture slot of the reflection channel.

--- End quote ---

Thank you very much. I will test them.


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