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Tonemapping & Maxscript

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Thoughts Corona team?

After exchanging some thoughts between the teams, here is a list of items logged as feature requests for our dev/QA teams to review:

"Provide a way to remove all tone mapping operators via maxscript"
(Internal ID=1045248610)

"Maxscript access to VFB tone mapping "save" and "load" options"
(Internal ID=1007269616)

"Improve tone mapping operator ID handling via maxscript"
(Internal ID=1046008808)

"Manage tone mapping operators in a similar way as render elements"
(Internal ID=1045373741)

"Change various VFB settings via maxscript"
(Internal ID=540083079)

All these items are linked with this forum thread, so once there are any updates, we will let you know here.

"Improve tone mapping operator ID handling via maxscript" - we have some updates on this point. I will share the details ASAP.

Thanks Marcin


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