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I kinda wish I would've gotten an email about your reply... (I've since gone through my notification settings).

Thanks for the replies Avi & Dionysios.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see that procedural cloud generation is now available in Chaos software across the board. But it could be better, it should evolve. I did see the roadmap video Corona posted on Youtube and social media on the cloud improvements. But I feel like Chaos could make a true, in-house Vue competitor right within Corona, Vray, and Enscape.

Some of the cloud appearances could be like whiter clouds vs darker, stormier clouds.  Right now, the clouds all look like they have the same density of water vapour regardless of cloud depth when in reality there's variation depending on atmospheric conditions and if it's going to rain, snow, or it's just dry but with some clouds in the sky. In an attempt to do away with HDRI entirely, being able to show completely overcast but with soft cloud edges would be a nice feature. 

Another option is perhaps offering an advanced settings selection of clouds and their appearance based on their height in the sky, similar to a typical "Types of Clouds" graphic.
It looks like Corona only offers Cumulus or Cirrus cloud formations (and even Cirrus can't change the shape, only coverage).

100% cloud cover shows holes but a 100% overcast sky is just clouded with very diffuse lighting. 100% now is closer to 90-95% coverage. I'm sure this point would be difficult and could be very slow to render/resolve - which is understandable.

A possible bug I found while playing with the settings is that a larger sun size typically softens shadows but the sun size doesn't affect shadows cast from the clouds.

Basically all I'm after is more control on the cloud appearance from a physically/scientifically correct perspective. They look good in animations and timelapses but HDRI and backplates are still often more realistic for stills.



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