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Corona Subscription Update by CHAOS

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Peter A.:

Just got an email from Chaos Support with notification of Corona Subscription changes.
This is a bit confusing, stating that I will get one month of some Corona Premium for current price of 24,99 Eur (excl tax). After that, they say I will be charged 59,90 Eur (excluding tax).

I do not plan to pay double price, as we were told that price for long-term users will not change until we cancel current subscription.

Also, there is an offer of Corona Solo sub. plan (license fixed to one computer), but there is no info about pricing. I also cannot see anything about it in my account overview.

In general, a lot is happening with Corona but the process is CHAOS. Can somebody clarify the situation?

Thank you in advance.


As a long time user of more than 5+ years I immediately logged in an cancelled my subscription.

I had to pay the 30+€ previously out of my own Pocket (even though I use Corona at work) I'm not going to 60+€ per Month. I was very close to switching to Blender and free renderers anyways and this just pushed me over the edge.

from 29.99€ to 59.90€ ! it's not very respectable to change us without our agreement on an offer twice as expensive... You offer us 1 month at 29.9€ in order to hope that we forget to change our offer?

Please do something for indie users we can't pay this price !

I was allready paying €50 a month and also wondered what made the price increase from €20 to €50 after Chaos took Corona Renderer.
I think it is a shame that almost all software is now on subscription base.
Last month I cancelled my Adobe subscription and bought the Affinity packages and Davinci Resolve. This one time payment equals a 7 month subscription to Adobe. After these 7 months I can think about upgrading my hardware instead of continuously installing updates that gradually gets slower with each release.
Considered switching to another renderer but I am so hooked to Corona for its easy setup and I use it in almost any project so I just have to stick to it.

I do like the addition of Phoenix, Player and Scans but I did not really ask for this huge price increase
I will give it a spin for a few months and think will eventually be switching to Corona-solo if this still supports my tiny four computer renderfarm.


Hello Corona Team,
I would also like to get more info as the obtained email is quite confusing. I don't need the Premium licence as I do not use Cinema4D, Cosmos and also any of the other new additions.
There is no info about the solo license. I would like to ask if the at least one render node is included in the solo model, or do I have to buy two solo licences for the purpose of adding a render node?

PS: Also I would like to mention, that I keeping fingers crossed to Corona renderer from the first testrenders on Maxarea forum and I was happy to see what a great product it became. It perfectly fit my needs, and I think lot of indie and small scale creators were happy as well. I also understand, that development has it's price, and there is also the economy crisis as well,  so the 25% price increase after acquisition was still ok. But the nowadays politics of companies to add the features I don´t need (not talking about other creator needs, but I already have a massive library of models I have built/bought, own scatter solutions, cloud services etc. ) and to increase the price in the same time, most often without possibility of of other suitable options makes me quite sad. Same goes with the Substance painter, 3D&CAD programs etc. But I guess it´s a trend these days we have to pay...

PS2: Also wondering how this will affects the renderfarms prices

Thank you in advance for the reply regarding my question.



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