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Real image simulation


Real image simulation
3d max corona

How can I get to reality?
I would be grateful if you gave me advice

Hello, I can give you some advice on this.
1. First, you can change the material of the building, for example, you can choose a more bumpy texture. You can take a look at
2. Compared to your overall render quality, the resolution of the sky is low. You could use a better image because half of your render is almost sky. You should pay great attention to this.
3. Maybe you can use some better quality models to strengthen your design.
4. You can place curtains on the windows so that it doesn't look like a black box inside. 
5. For a more dramatic ambiance, you can also try a light close to sunset.

These are a few of my recommendations, if you change them, you can reach a more realistic image.
There is nothing negative, you are doing very well.

yes and thank you
Your feedback is helpful, thank you again

Is that a Corona sky and clouds?



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