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How can I improve my renderings?


Mettigel Hawaii:
Hi there,

I am kinda new to Cinema/Corona. I made those renderings for an architectural competition.
How can I improve? I feel like my materials look kinda flat. For most of them I used 4 maps, Normal, Bump, Displacement and Roughness. I used 1000*1000px images from to create the textures. Also I had troubles with the concrete texture, since it still had those patterns even tho the texture images said seamless 😅 also the conrete was kinda shiny when you look at it from a very small angle.

Looking forward for any advices about materials, lighting, composition and anything else.

Best regards,
Mettigel Hawaii


Quixel megascans for the textures (it's free) and chaos cosmos of course. Then watch and learn every tutorials you can find on internet (especially the ones made by the corona team on youtube).

First, as you may already know, every project starts by gathering references.
For architects it's about building intent, from its presence within environment to occupant's wellbeing, in technical/engineering and social terms. Thus is for visual artist (archvis specialist in your case) about visually presenting ambience as is to be perceived by spectator.  So w/o good references and experiences you got what you summed up.
Find yourself some inspirational photographers, archvis pros, studios... get to know guild.

Next time start your next project w/ posting in WIP section. This way you'll learn most.   

Mettigel Hawaii:
thanks for your responds.
I will try megascans for sure, thank you. What size is recomended for textures? is 1000*1000 fine and I fucked up my material settings or is it the low resolution texture?

I do have a couple of architectural visualizer studios that I often watch, tho I am not always having one particular picture in my mind when I try to do a visualization.

Is it possible to move the topic to WIP? 😅

AFAIK, Megascans are free only if you use them in Unreal engine, otherwise it's paid product, so keep this in mind. As for the texture resolution, it depends on many things, like final resolution of your rendering, how close the subject is to the camera, how much tiling, if any, does texture have, etc. Usually you go with the highest resolution that your PC can handle in particular scene to be on the safe side. From what i know, Corona 9 should be big improvement in this regard, since it will handle some of those things automatically (only if you're using Corona bitmap).

As for the topic relocation, i can do this if you want, but if you don't plan to work on the images in the first message, then current board is perfectly fine.


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