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v9 More Interactive Crashes

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I have a similar experience with Corona 9 for 3ds Max. Maybe not as severe as described here, but still many freezes and crashes. I thought it's related to integration in 3ds Max, but it can be that it's core issue.

Of course, right after posting this, I was able to work on this scene extensively using the Interactive Viewport feature with only one crash the entire day. I'll take that as long as I remember to save often. I was also in a live Zoom call and sharing my screen so we could make changes as we went. That's what it's all about right there. I think my first foray into a realistic room scene is coming along nicely.

i get also a lot of Interactive crashes. like every 5 to 15min.

mostly i think when i move or copy instances(render instances), if that narrows it a bit

I'm also getting interactive and final render crashes, if I change a setting ( anything)  and press render interactive render it crashes. I doesn't happen all the time but it happens

issues so far:

• Performance issues on M1 macbook pro, it drops to 50%  while in high power mode, when in lower power mode it comes back up.
• Latest build notice high usage of Kernel task taking up to 150% of the processors power.
• Specific on the latest build high Thermal throttling issues ( temp around 75c), went back to the build before and no issue.

Ref: Cinema 4d r26 latest
Macbook pro m1 16"
Monterey latest Build 12.6
Corona Build Aug 30th.

using corona for c4d with win10, getting a lot of crashes since v9.. scenes where I was able to work before (already finished scenes) crashes a lot.. randomly when using IR... cant replicate the bug, since, as said before they are random crashes.

Hope to get it fixed.. its driving me mad right now !

thanks in advance :)


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