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v9 More Interactive Crashes

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I also had at least 15-20 crashes a day with v9. I had my autosave set on 5 min and IR crashed for many reasons I recognize above.
But I can honestly say that I  (3990X-256GB-win10-R25) and my colleague (3970X-128GB-win10-R25) experience significant improvement with the hotfix v9.1 !

I can now use the interactive renderer without crashing while renaming, splitting geometry off, duplicating instances and instanced lights, modifying geometry in polygon/point mode for instanced elements, fastly swapping cameras in the stage object, stop IR....

Sometimes I even think to myself 'oh, I should not have done that, it will surely crash now', but no, very stable again for long periods...

What a relief ! I hope everyone has the same experience now?!

thanks guys!

yes here the same, the fix (here i use daily 10) did improve stability greatly!

i felt exact the same as you describe before,

thanks for the fix Corona team!

EDIT: sadly 1h after writing this i did get again a IPR crash in editing a material(converting to physical)

Any Updates on this ?

Anyone feel a change with 9 Hotfix 1 ? Just asking before I re-install.

Thank you. Best – Asimo

I have been using the v10 daily builds and they are MUCH more stable than even v9, at lease for me on the Mac. The most stable has been using the Interactive Renderer. I haven't tried using the Interactive Viewport much lately, even though I like it a lot. The viewport setting is what crashed the most for me.


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