Author Topic: Self-Contained Corona Scene Export  (Read 330 times)

2022-09-12, 11:52:03


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I was working on a project that required Redshift for rendering and came across an interesting feature:

On Maya+Redshift you can export the entire scene (All the Baked Geometry, shaders, Procedural Maps, Camera, Lights) to a single self contained file .rs single frame. We were able to render on the farm using the standalone redshift without the need to install maya.

Simple cmdline "redshiftcmd"

Self Contained scene files are obviously big files, but with 10G network and no maya needed, the frame starts rendering in matter of seconds.

Corona Scene on the other hand creates too many files when we export the scene for standalone.

It would be great to be able to simply hit render to file, and corona would write a .cs file with everything inside (Including Textures would be amazing).

:) You know just a thought :)
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Hello, thank you for the information. This has been logged to a developers team.

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