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How to make it more real



What I can do to have something more real ?
I'don't speak about animation.
If you 've got some advice ...

I mean this looks amazing!  I think for me the thing that would help most at this point is to smoothen out the dino movements.  Right now hes a cracked out dino.  If its movements looked more fluid and maybe a little slower I think the scene would benefit drastically. 

One more little thing but isnt really a huge issue,  The car paint feels very metallic.  Not sure if you have a clearcoat or anything on it but that could help.  It just feels more like a sheet of metal verse a surface that has true car paint on it.

Again this is lookin pretty solid and I think if the Dino motion was slowed and smoothed out it would be amazing

One more thing to really push this would be to give it some rain.  Itll help hide some of the things that arent perfect and also connect to elements in the scene such as the dinosaur already being wet. 


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