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Multi Pass Psd is not saved after render completion

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Since last build it appears that corona is unable to automatic save psd multi pass files after render completion.
Weirdly enough, after some testing I realised that this behaviour occurs only for resolutions over ±3.5k.
A psd file is created temporarily at the save destination but is automatically erased completely.
I am attaching a video showing the problem.

*I can still manually save all passes from the VFB, the issue though is that when rendering a sequence of images if this bug occurs then the rendering stops completely and does not proceed to the next frames.

Thank you in advance

Mac OSX, Mojave

Hi, I have also done a test here for a 16k render, and the file saved without any issues. Are you able to share your scene with us via our private uploader?


Thanks for the reply.
I believe it is not scene specific. I replicated the issue with a basic scene with just a Corona sun & sky and simple cube.
I attach a video showing the same behaviour.
OSX Mojave, C4d R21

Thank you


I tested a few different scenarios and it appears that the problem has to do with the size of the psd file created.
The more passes you add the bigger the output file will be. Seems that ±2gb is the maximum output size that allows a psd file to be saved.
Not sure if this a corona or a general os limitation.
Using 16bit instead of 32bit pretty much solves the problem for now.

Hope this helps.

PSD files support upto 2GB. Another photoshop file format is PSB which supports large files. You may try to choose PSB instead of PSD as saving format.


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