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Hi guys this is my first time posting on theses forums as I am new to cgi.
Please critique my work as this is the only way i can learn from my mistakes!


This was made with 3ds max and corona.No Photoshop was used.

Some quick feedback:
-most of the materials and objects lack detail - if there is metal, it's just solid and reflective without surface details, if there is a table, it's just a box with no chamfer and a simple procedural texture
-the orange things to the right look completely out of place
-floor could be probably more reflective
-the sky and sunlight are not interesting - probably using an HDRI would help

besides the points maru statet already....for me the proportions of the scene dont seem to be correct.
it has a bit of diorama look.

U should check the size and scaling of yout objects and textures u have used.



Christa Noel:
and, you can use multimap on repeated objects like stair step boards, play more with vfb post pro, learn material settings from material library.


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