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Hi guys, what is this element in the new release:

- Added tonemap control viewport shader (as no-op)

Can't find where and what it is....


Sorry for the confusing changelog entry, it just displays the map plugged into the shader in the viewport. Previously it displayed black in the viewport.


Will this have any influence on how vol obj and VDBs behave regarding if the camera is in this object? I.e. so we can actually have the camera inside said volumes?
Yeah, this is how it works

+ I noticed the vol material itself has the option to "mix vol objects" so they can intersect when using the vol material, can this function be added to Corona Vol objects so we can mix VDBs?
VDBs are already always mixed mixed together :)


Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:

  • Corona now correctly resolves in which volume the camera lies. The camera can also be given a non-zero physical size, in which case the camera might lie only partially in one volume (e.g. camera half-submerged in water)
  • Clouds lighting now depends on the sun color intensity and direct input color settings (if selected in the sun properties)
  • Decal Fit to Bitmap's aspect ratio function now takes into account also cropping present in bitmap (both Corona’s and 3dsMax’s bitmap)
  • Added warning to LightMixSetup dialog, when some Light select element contains invalid filename character + replace those characters with '_'
  • Added option to automatically create lightmix elements by 3dsmax layers
  • Added tonemap control viewport shader (as no-op)
  • Added ColorCorrectMap display in high quality viewport
  • Added button to batch load maps in the multiple environments dialog. It works similarly to the one in Multimap
  • User can now set how volume (volume material, sky volume effect and volume grid) interact with alpha channel. + Semi-transparent volumetric effects now also contribute to alpha channel for rays not hitting anything
  • Added include / exclude toggle in the right mouse button menu for exclude lists
  • Added tooltips for "+, Reset, Preset" buttons in Tone mapping
  • CIE - Added tone mapping error reporting when loading an image

  • Improved performance when rendering with masks
    • In cases where the user includes just a small object and the rest of the scene is not rendered we get up to 600% speedup. In non extreme cases it leads to around a 10% speedup
  • Improved caustics for higher resolution renders

  • "V-Ray" mentions removed from the material information
  • Material is transparent unless some file is loaded, to be consistent with V-Ray
  • Added custom bump and displacement slots to CoronaScannedMtl
  • Fixed incorrect albedo (displayed as red in albedo render element)
  • User can now drag drop vrscans file into the dialog and it will load it
  • Added drag&dropping an image accompanying the vrscan file open the vrscan file
  • Added support for triplanar mapping in CoronaScannedMtl
  • Removed legacy mtsc format from the file explorer filter
  • We now show the preview of the material in 3ds Max viewport

  • Re-Enabled out of core textures by default
  • CoronaGUI license is released when another renderer is selected
  • AO map: improved wording for include/exclude options

  • Fixed an issue with low CPU usage with CoronaAO and CoronaRoundEdges in IR
  • Fixed rare crash occurring when IR is restarted during parsing
  • Improved conversion of VRayMtl SSS to CoronaPhysicalMtl
  • Fixed: Noise limit working incorrectly with black environment + fisheye camera in user scene, leads to infinite rendering
  • Prevented crashes when there is nullptr Atmospheric when a plugin is missing (it will still crash in 3dsmax on opening atmospherics dialog though)
  • Fixed issues with material editor previews being much slower to load than in Corona V7
  • Fixed support of PhoenixFD in Corona 10 + removed PhoenixFD 3 support
  • Fixed DR - Assets that can be found on node are not downloaded anymore
  • CoronaMix map should no longer change the randomization when it is plugged into CoronaUvwRandomizer anymore
  • Fixed: Viewport Performance is slow when Corona light IES has missing path
  • Fixed: "Show in folder" RMB option sometimes opening incorrect folder

Can you try with Corona 9 also?

It could be that we fixed some bug between the versions which is why you are seeing this.

Let me know how you get on.



This should be fixed in the latest daily build.

Please test it out and let me know if you still have issues.


Woooo!  Exciting. 

By the way, not sure if it's something you'd want to change for 10 DBs or even Corona 9 Hotfix 1, but when we install Corona 9 in our studio as an update it does not effectively check to see if a newer version of Max is installed.  So we recently installed 2023 and had to go to 'advanced' in the install when we upgraded from Corona 9 latest DB to Corona 9 official.  Not a big deal, but might make life a little simpler for people.  FYI.
Hi danio1011,

I understand the problem here, however the installer can't detect whether the version was newly installed or simply unselected by the user.

Sorry for not being able to provide a better solution here.



Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:

Note: All changes in this build will be released in a v9 Hotfix

  • Fixed: Tonemapping pipeline is sometimes reset to default on loading certain scenes
  • Fixed issue where IR did not immediately react to changes in CoronaScannedMtl
  • Chaos Phoenix - Fixed getting diffuse color from Foam node for newer Phoenix versions (Phoenix 5 nightlies)
  • Fixed failing installation of Scatter for earliest 3ds Max version when upgrading from Corona 8 to Corona 9.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Low cpu usage (40%)
« on: 2022-11-21, 13:28:44 »
Hello! What about distributed rendering?
in Windows 11 on Intel 12 series, when the rendering window is selected - everything is ok. but as soon as I click on another window, the rendering remains only on energy-efficient cores. how to fix it?
I tried to change the priority, I tried to force the window on top of others. but it doesn't help..
I use corona 7


This is fixed in Corona v9. The solution here would be to update to this version.




We have this reported and will be changing the behaviour in v10. Standby for the daily builds :)




We have a fix for this already in the pipeline. It will hopefully make a daily build very soon.




which version of TyFlow are you using?




There is a workaround for this issue now, you can find it here:

Let me know if it's suitable for you :)




Thanks for reporting this, I think we have this reported internally already.

Would you still be able to provide your scene so I can use it for testing any fix when our dev team looks into this?

There is a link in my signature to our dropzone



(Internal ID=989621917)


afaik this is a Windows issue, we are looking into a workaround for it in a future license server update.

It happens for me also and it's pretty annoying, you can just close the windows for the time being.



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