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Corona Scatter low of RAM


Hi. I have problem with use Scatter in corona 8. When I try to generate simple glass on surfaces - I see message I have low memory and when I tru to do it with bigest surface - C4D breaks. It seems to me, that corona generated full objects (not proxy)/ What I do wrong?

don't use per square. It will create far more instances than necessary.

But if I use Count and inserct big values - I see lack of memory too. And it`s on square 15000 x 15000 cm. And how I can used Scattrer if I need to make forest with 1000 difrent trees and brushes on very big area? I think I do somthing wrong.

use camera clipping.
The area's you mention are indeed very big.  I have 128Gb ram and am still careful not to overload models with large areas of scattered assets.

For grass you need assets of simple geometry or make the area's smaller.


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