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Here is a couple of tests I made of the tool. It basically lets you upload an image and get a 4x upscaled version after a few minutes of processing time, all thanks to the magic of neural networks.
Currently you can upload just a few images for free (3? 5?), and then the paid version kicks in. You can choose between the "boring" or "magic" upscaling presets. The "magic" one is where the real magic begins. Suddenly textures are magically recovered from the areas which are otherwise blurry (even in the original image), and more details are visible. You basically get an image generated in 4x higher resolution, or using a camera with 4x more mpx.

I think this is really interesting for upscaling photos and renders for print, especially renders, where RAM may be an issue at some point. You can get a pretty much lossless version of your image in 4x the original resolution, which can be then used for printing or display in super high res.

"ori" is a crop of the original image upscaled by 400% in Photoshop using the "automatic" supersampling option
"boring" is the result of using the "boring" preset, then cropped to show the same region
"magic" is the result of using the "magic" preset, then cropped to show the same region

Discuss. I am also curious about your tests!
Note: this tool is not related to Corona in any way, that's why I am writing in the "General CG" category.

I suggest middle mouse button clicking on the thumbnails below to open the examples in tabs one by one.

I'm in shock, really! O_O

Nejc Kilar:

So CSI was doing it right all along, we just didn't know about the tech at the time. Go Horatio!

Thanks for sharing, very interesting stuff!

With the right combination of algorithms...

Is this paid persion, that you tested with? I'm asking because i tested that exact service few weeks ago (free version) and my results was disapointing - it created many double lines and "enhanced" image with creative "details" wherever there was noise in original picture. Also in my case there was barely observable difference between "magic" and "boring" methods, but in your examples, the difference is very obvious.


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