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Hi. Since i installed corona-4-3dsmax ( the latest vesion ) all my projects started to collapsed !! IT crashes when its doing " Computing SEC GI . And i im prety sure its related to prxoies, becouse , after i isolate the proxy in question, the problem is gone.  Or if a delete the proxy the problem is gone. What is going on , we are 3 people in diferent locations having the same problem. And we start all our files from zero and at some point , we cant know how or why, max crashes. The only thin we know for sure that it start to happend after we have proxies in the scene.
It never happend before with older versions of corona.

3ds MAX 2017 sp3, windows 10 64 bits, double xeon, 64 gb of ram, etc. The system never failure, but as i say, it happend in diferent files in diferent computers !

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