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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2020-04-24, 11:48:29 »
Hi Ondra, and what about real time zoom in interactive rendering, this was such a nice feature in Vray, save us (back in the days) a lot of time in our workflow.

In VRAY it is possible to zoom in a certain area where you expect errors , correct the error and see the change on the fly!!

And with zoom i mean keep the zoomed (area) image sharp

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Interactive VFB Resolution size
« on: 2020-04-24, 11:45:22 »
i dont agree, this zoom on the fly in realtime render(and see the zoomed area SHARP) in Vray was amazing!!!!!!

it save errors and a lot of  time.... a lot of time

Our workflow in VRAY was: start interactive render, zoom on every detail where errors are to be expected(and Vray keeps a sharp image because it kept the image sharp!), corrected error realtime (and see the corrected geo directly), then zoom to the next area, and final render.

Now our workflow in CORONA is start interactive render, zoom into areas where errors are to be expected, guess that it is oke (since Corone DOES NOT support zoom in interactive WITHOUT getting blurry image where you see jack), render the final see errors (wait and wait) corrected them, rerender see error , and rerender, take 3 x times longer!

PLEASE implement it like in Vray, many users dont know what they are missing.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Corona 4 and proxy files
« on: 2019-06-26, 15:44:36 »
there is a new Corona hotfix, to download. It solved most of the problems i had with proxies. Perhaps it solve yours.

Corona Interactive still unstable, but i can live with that... so far .

Oh dear people !. It works !!!! Problem is gone so far with the 3 files we were having issues !.
Thanks a lot !It also, somehow, loads much faster the " parsing scene " thing.
Thanks a lot.

I will upload the file ( i finally isolate the proxies that were causing the trouble ) . Something funny, after i apply a simpl material to all the proxies, the problem is gone.

Hi. Since i installed corona-4-3dsmax ( the latest vesion ) all my projects started to collapsed !! IT crashes when its doing " Computing SEC GI . And i im prety sure its related to prxoies, becouse , after i isolate the proxy in question, the problem is gone.  Or if a delete the proxy the problem is gone. What is going on , we are 3 people in diferent locations having the same problem. And we start all our files from zero and at some point , we cant know how or why, max crashes. The only thin we know for sure that it start to happend after we have proxies in the scene.
It never happend before with older versions of corona.

3ds MAX 2017 sp3, windows 10 64 bits, double xeon, 64 gb of ram, etc. The system never failure, but as i say, it happend in diferent files in diferent computers !

Hi, the Corona Lightlister does list all the lights Except the Corona sun (max 2017 corona 3 RC5), any one has the same issue?

stable here (max 2017) only the lightlister does not list CoronaSun

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