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Just lots of stuff needing doing before a daily comes out, big blocks of code that can't be released in stages; and then in combination with the last week or so being full of statutory holidays meaning things move to next week or so. On the plus side, should then mean a lot in that next update, including the first appearance of "export to Vantage" functionality.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Help with refraction please
« on: 2024-05-08, 14:49:47 »
Your Boole needs "create single object" checked, else it will still be seen as two separate objects (making them appear as solid glass, not as one object with a thickness to the glass).

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Preparing geometry
« on: 2024-05-07, 19:53:07 »
Any chance of a copy of that scene? Via ticket is fine for privacy,

Failing that, can we have a fairly detailed description of what was going on? Did the Decal overlap 10s or 100s of objects, and it was accidentally excluding the two it should apply to and so was being calculated for 10s or 100s of objects? And on reversing that, so including those two, it was only being applied to two? What happens with no include / exclude where it just applies to all objects it overlaps, is that fast or slow?


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4D 2024.4 Particles
« on: 2024-05-06, 21:34:00 »
Yep, understood that the cloner isn't used directly when rendering through Redshift (though very similar stuff is going on then, just built in to the UI without going through a Cloner as an extra set up step).

Gallery / Re: Nevada - Full CGI
« on: 2024-05-06, 15:08:12 »
TY for updating the link! Now I've been able to head there and hit the old "Appreciate" button :) Lovely work!

Would probably need to see the scene as would need to know the materials, the geometry, and other values in the scene set up (such as DOF). You can always send it in via ticket at

If you don't want to do that, the only other way would be wiregrabs, screengrabs of all materials involved, of render settings, and of camera settings, which would be a lot of work for you :)

Gallery / Re: Nevada - Full CGI
« on: 2024-05-06, 13:34:45 »
Tasty stuff indeed! BTW the link to Behance doesn't work, looks like the truncated part (with the '...') is in the link and not just in the display text.

There just isn't the peoplepower to convert them, it would take much manual intervention and thus delay work on other things, so the solution is just to move them onto Cosmos as they are. After all, we wouldn't be revisiting them in the CML to convert them to Physical either, even if not moving to Cosmos. Any time developing materials would be better spent making new ones, anyway :)

PS - the CML will still be there, initially like today as part of the install, but in the future as a separate manual download and install if you really want it.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: AI Post processing
« on: 2024-05-03, 15:33:36 »
No fixed date yet, it's being developed to work with Enscape first, and once working, then we'll look into making it available in V-Ray and Corona. This means it MIGHT be in Corona 13 toward the end of this year - but also it might not :)

As a note though, moving the CML to Cosmos won't involve the materials updating to the new Physical Material.

Yep, we are aware of the patterns - I say patterns as we do know there is more than one thing going on.

Gallery / Re: Audi RS7 – CGI
« on: 2024-05-02, 16:52:12 »
TY for the additional information! Have to admit without looking too closely (because after all I am fixated on the beautiful car!) the person looked very consistent to me :)

Hardware / Re: PC Diagnostic software recommendations?
« on: 2024-05-02, 16:51:27 »
Glad it helped! I did install a water cooling solution myself, again prebuilt so it was just putting in place in the machine, and all was well, just an additional bit of reassurance ;)

Gallery / Re: Audi RS7 – CGI
« on: 2024-05-02, 13:18:21 »
How did you maintain the person looking like the same person wearing the same thing each time? Did it start from an in-scene 3D model and then was enhanced in AI? Or some sort of ipadapter or other control net cleverness? All looks fantastic!

Hardware / Re: PC Diagnostic software recommendations?
« on: 2024-05-02, 13:15:10 »
Water cooling is fine, pre-made pre-assembled loops from reputable companies won't burst :) Now assembling it yourself (assembling, not installing), or buying some cheap non-name brand, well.....

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