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Does it work with say a simple cube? Just to check, do you have Vantage installed? And last, which of the various buttons did you press, since there are 3 you could use :) Actually, also - what seems slow? The buggy I get, from this error message, but not sure what you mean when you say things are slow - the export is slow?

You could try a complete uninstall and reinstall, as it used to be we included the denoiser in the Corona installation many versions ago (and you say you started from Corona 6), but now the denoiser is installed by NVIDIA in their drivers. Could be you have some old and new version of the denoiser installed as a result of moving from the old 6 to the newer 10 and 11, so starting over clean might help.

Meantime, as mentioned above, the Intel denoiser is in fact much better in terms of final renders. You can't use it in IR, but you are talking of completing a job so presumably for denoising final deliverables, and the Intel AI denoiser does a far better job there and is our recommended denoiser these days. This means you are not missing out by not having the NVIDIA denoiser in the meantime.

Our suggestion is it is not for final rendering - most Corona users are Corona users for that ultimate in quality and realism that their clients need, while Vantage being GPU is more of a "good enough" quality (which is usually not good enough for our customers' clients). OFC we can't stop you from using it for final renders, if it so happens you think your client will be fine with the results from Vantage, but that is not how we see the tool fitting into the workflow given our knowledge of our users :) Instead we see it as being for faster previews, and for exploring the scene faster than in IR to find interesting camera angles or spot things that need fixing or changing.

I think your description of "pre-vis to good-vis" is a good way to put it, and most final renders need to be amazing-vis ;)

Also let us know if this is ONLY in the Corona Image Editor, or if you get the same error inside 3ds Max rendering in the VFB. Have asked this a couple of times before, but not had an answer, initially you showed a Corona Image Editor error, and you replied "same Corona Image Editor error", but I am still not clear if this means it happens in the VFB in Max too?

Not in Corona 12 (else it would be in there already, since we are at a Release Candidate; plus it would be on the roadmap). However, we have it down as a future improvement to work on :)

You are welcome! Yes, the plan is for live link (and so animations from the DCC) to be supported in 13. Meantime, Vantage is pretty good at creating certain types of animations, ones well suited to archviz flythroughs and similar, though it does take a bit of a mental shift away from the per-item keyframe track that we are used to, to shift to thinking in terms of scene states.

Well, one solution is to keep all lights at a similar intensity when rendering, so they all get roughly equal importance, and then do the changes in intensity in LightMix. Similarly, keeping all lights white at render time will allow for the greatest flexibility in color changes in LightMix. Does mean your Beauty pass will be useless, but if you are intending to use LightMix, that should not be a concern :) (replying to the post before Alex's)

Yes, it happens with all scenes, but it's LightMix that can make it show up because you can turn off the intense light that is covering a place of the image (and that is noise free in that area when that bright light is on), to reveal that the other lights underneath have received less processing in that area and so it is still noisy there.

It is not possible to export animations from the DCC (Max or C4D) - this is something we've been at pains to point out to avoid raised expectations for the initial connection to Vantage :)

That kind of animation would require the live link, which is planned for the next version of Corona. Meantime, the foundations are laid, and indeed you can create animations once inside Vantage right now, which includes camera animation, object transformation, lights color and intensities (I believe), and the Sun position (so long as Animated Geographic is chosen as the mode). Animations are created by transitioning between scene states, with the scene states associated with a particular camera, which is a different approach than keyframed individual animation tracks for each object/property but still lets you achieve a lot.

Hope this helps!

There is no clustering / clumping functionality in the current Scatter, nor in the update with Corona 12. Instead that is planned as a feature, hopefully for Corona 13 later in the year.

Have you tried the steps listed at ? Let us know if the issue persists after trying that.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: GAUSSIAN SPLATTING
« on: 2024-06-19, 13:46:00 »
No, "research" means trying to get it to work in a viable and useful manner, so actually writing code and trying to integrate it into a render engine. Practical, not theoretical, research :)

What about the Bloom and Glare that sometimes is turning off it self? it has been solved? it drive me crazy....:(

Best not to ask questions in threads that are totally unrelated to your question :) This one is all about slow opening of existing scenes, you'd need to post your completely separate question to a new thread, or under the general daily builds discussion thread where any and all issues can be posted. Thanks!

Did you try the steps mentioned in ? Let us know if the issue persists after that.

Also let us know if this is ONLY in the Corona Image Editor, or if you get the same error inside 3ds Max rendering in the VFB.

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