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2023-03-20, 16:05:45


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So I'm hoping to do something like this: but using Corona renderer.

So far I haven't found any way to do it, even trying this: ( from the Corona Website doesn't seem to be as good.

I was wondering if anyone had any tutorials or docs they could share? I'm particularly interested in creating nicely worn and scratched edges, even chipped.

I know the new Corona Renderer has curvature, but it doesn't give the desired result like in the video posted.

Thanks in advance. 

2023-03-20, 16:29:31
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Following this for curvature:

or this:

AO doesn't work? It should, I saw nothing in the video you shared that couldn't be done :)
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2023-03-20, 16:31:03
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Also note, the link your are referring to is more about technical information, not so much as a ''how to''. If you would like something like that, please see this article:
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