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2023-03-10, 08:36:27


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Hello colleagues and Corona Team,

I'm having trouble rendering VDB volumetrics.
A VDB bounding box affects models/textures in its area.

I tried just about everything I could. From VDB options to multiple VDB file versions, GI change, render settings and more..

But every time with the same result.

Can you help me with this problem?
Please look at the attached screenshot or at the animation on my behance ( ) at the end of it during the third explosion it is noticeable. I have also tried it on other scenes and projects that the problem is every time the bounding box touches the model.

For this particular project, I have already left it like this, but in future projects where the pipeline is set to corona render, I cannot send it to the client as a final animation.
The solution, of course, is to render the VDB separately, but that takes extra time and extra post-production.

Tested on Cinema 4D R20 - the latest cinema 2023
Corona render v9 and v10

Thanks a lot for the advice,
Have a nice day

2023-03-10, 09:42:05
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Hi Petr,

Thanks for your message. Firstly, congrats on the animation. Aside from the VDB artifact, it looks great! :) Now to the issue! This is actually a known bug that we already have logged. There seems to be a bug with the bounding box removing the glossiness of non-metallic materials making it matte in appearance. We hope to have it resolved very soon.
(Internal ID=1011646126)

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2023-03-10, 09:52:54
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Hi Bengamin,

Thanks for the reply. That's good news, I'll look forward to the fix ;)
Thank you, I'm glad you like the animation. Yes, the artifacts are there :( this is a relatively fast render, Hi-res will still be rendered and it will be OK there :) I will set the interpolation to quadratic and also set a smaller step ;)

Thanks and good luck