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Added support for normalbump, Hair&Fur

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Great news :)!

Ludvik Koutny:

--- Quote from: DeadClown on 2013-01-23, 11:37:01 ---mmhhh... looks like normal bump is just working in local/world space modes. Nothing happens if set to tangent... or did i miss something?

--- End quote ---

For me, tangent mode works, but produces very odd results...

Tangent "works" if i crank up the values to max but even then there are only some kind of outlines visible

Haven't tried it with Corona as I don't have access to newer builds but normal bumps sometimes have problems with gamma when loading them. If it's the case, setting bitmap's gamma to 1.0 when loading it could help.

yes, normal maps should always(!) be loaded with 1.0. Same for displacement maps, reflection etc - Everything non-directly-visible (which means: maps that are used for controlling specific effects)) ;)
But tangent is definitely broken here.


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