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Corona in 2022: new features, visuals, licensing, and more!

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--- Quote from: brr on 2022-10-25, 14:11:19 ---Dear corona team,

in v9 premium we get Chaos Phoenix, Chaos Scans, Chaos Player.

I want to try Phoenix
If I go to My Chaos page-> sign in -> downloads-> Phoenix for 3ds max -> 3ds max version -> I see Phoenix 5.01.00 for vray 6 and vray 5 only. There are no version for corona.  What should I install if I have no vray ? (or only vray 4 license?)

If I want to try chaos scans, should I select trial version here:

Thanks in advance.

--- End quote ---

Phoenix - just download the newest version. :) We will improve the naming ASAP.

Scans - create a Corona Scanned Material in the material editor and click the button in its UI to open the downloads website.


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