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How to save Exr and retain dynamic range In Post ?


Hi im looking for a way to save the exr in 32 bits and retain the exposure values just like the frame buffer, so far i just get a very dull image if i want to change the exposure using PS in 32 bits, its like changing an LDR image. I Know Corona CXR but the file sizes are so big...
Also tried inside davinci resolve and its the same..
Im saving the image as *.exr Full Loat 32 Bits  RGBA, have also tried integrer 32 bits and that comes corrupted..

Bear in mind that Photoshop is terrible at handling EXRs. Be sure to use the free EXR-IO plugin to load them into PS.

Yes, im using it to load exr with layers. Also using Davinci resolve but the result is the same...
Im attaching a picture to show what im looking for, I saved an underexposed image and then use exposure to correct it inside Davinci resolve, the result is a whased out image, and on the right its corona VFB with the changed exposure.
Its an exr 32 bit Full Float

Could this be to do with the fact your saving the Exr with HC set to 8 and Contrast set to 3?  i.e. burning those settings in on save and thus losing some of the original dynamic range, or does that not apply to EXR's?


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