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Looking for a good Render Farm


Looking for suggestions from people with direct experience with render farms. Currently I use RebusFarm and although the integration is very nice, the reliability is abysmal to say the least. I know CoronaRender provides a list of renderfarms but I'm looking for a first hand recommendation to avoid testing each one individually. Thanks in advance.

Apostolis Christou:
Is it just me or RebusFarm doesn't support distributed rendering so you have to render on only 1 node? Which actually takes much time

I have had a lot of success with garagefarm. They aren't as slick as Rebus, but the support is great and they do strip rendering for large images.

Just finished a big scene animation couple of day ago...

I wanted to try GarageFarm for a change but ended using RebusFarm at the end because we didn't have too much time on our hands to play around.

What I liked about garagefarm is that you actually have some sort of a online file browser and apprently can even connect via ftp to update your files. I also liked that they massage you once a problem is detected.
They do support multi camera upload but you need to setup the list everytime again you upload. What really annoyed me is the upload proccess itself. Their upload tool uploads the whole scene for every camera (in my case 5gb x 14 Cameras). Thats just crazy.

RebusFarm on the other side was easier to use with test frames as it uploads the scene once and then uses your Batch Render list to split it into jobs/cameras. The upload itself often produces errors if your textures are stored in some funny folders. Even on the lowest priority the jobs start rendering almost instantly. The render nodes had a lot of errors but the support was very helpful and kept restarting the nodes to keep it going. My questions about why the nodes where crashing and if I can fix anything on my side where basically unanswered. Some cameras had to be rerendered(for free) as some nodes rendered the frames with missing railclone objects.

For future use I really want to try GarageFarm a little more, on a project wich is not due in three days.


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