Author Topic: vfb2 for corona  (Read 592 times)

2021-05-13, 19:17:23


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ihope for a new enhenced vfb maybe in a way similar to the new vfb2 frame buffer in V-Ray 5?

like the layers and folders with masking etc are very powerfull, i would hope Corona can also add some stuff in that direction.

we like to have the images direct out of the frame buffer with ideally no or only very little post production, such vfb tools could help a lot in daily corona work:)

i love corona very much, but this features of the vray 5 vfb2 are kickass, as both are owned by the same company, maybe soem can "flow over" to corona c4d too ?:)


2021-05-14, 09:01:53
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I would also add a permanent record of the image in the vfb history so as not to render the same results every time.

2021-05-15, 23:24:17
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and to add, i have 2560x1440 monitor and i render images in same resolution, when i render in corona vfb i dont see whole image in 1:1 ratio, obviusly because of stuff around that take space, and in 1:2 image is small, any chance to have fit to vfb screen view?