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you're welcome :-)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Great artists to follow
« on: 2021-09-18, 12:13:34 »
I do not agree with your opinion. Software is just a tool. It are the skills (both artistic, technical and workflow) that make them great artists.
By the way never stick to one software package only. They all have their cons and pros. And if you can combine the pros you can get some nice results.

For many years we make use of Studiometry. They have 2 versions, a cloud version and a standalone.
We run the standalone version.
Beside project management it does invoicing as well.

yeah, the cloud rendering service in Deadline is great. We had it running for a while. But in the end we didn't needed it that frequently and where paying Amazon every month a fee to keep the service setup. At that time it wasn't an easy setup.
But we recently discovered Pulse, a Deadline Client Application. Now we do not have to keep an eye on our "renderworkers". They will switch on automatically whenever the repository receives a new renderjob and workers will be shutdown if there are no active render jobs.

Hopefully you can narrow down your problem.

Did you try to downgrade to Deadline  to version
In this way you can determine if Deadline is causing the issue you have.

I am not sure if the following could be the problem, but in the realease notes of Deadline
"...Application Plugin Improvements
3ds Max

Added Corona 3, 4, 5, and 6 parameters to 3dsMax.

Corona Standalone

Added support for Corona 6 Standalone.


Corona 7 is not mentioned, nor in the realese notes of Deadline

Still running Deadline + Max 2022 and Corona 7 without any issues.
edit: and in combination with RP Manager

Thanks, I am looking forward!

Hi there,

everybody over here is welcome to join us next Saturday the 27th at DAC-ANT a free online Digital Art Conference.
Starting at 10:00 (am) CET with ALT/SHIFT followed by Miguel Iglesias and Hrvoje “Chop” Čop. After the lunch break we continue at 3:00 (pm) CET with Sava Zivkovic, Jan Daghelinckx and Maarten Verhoeven.
You can follow the conference via our website or via You Tube.
All chatting and questionnaire will be done on the DAC-ANT Discord Server (invite link see our website)

We've got some great prizes you can win, so make sure you join before it's too late. Check out the giveaway section on the website:

Prize List:

- 1x Wacom Cintiq 22" Drawing Tablet
- 1x 1TB Samsung SSD
- 2x 1-year V-Ray or Corona Renderer of your choice (3ds Max or C4D)
- 5x FlippedNormals Exclusive Courses
- 1x Render Management Foundation Software license bundle
- 1x SiNi Software All Access Collection Software Bundle (13 3ds Max Plugins)

Additionally, ArtStation is sponsoring code "DAC2021" for two free monthe of ArtStation Pro for new users, valid until the end of the month!

Thanks Corona Renderer for your support!



Hi Maru,

The "MIX"-option (if technically achievable) would fit nicely in our current workflow.
We always save our renders as CXR's. And do basic post in CIE, save conf files for each render, next we save out EXR's and do further post in Photoshop.
In the situation you have to add an object to an existing render and you don't have the time to re-render the whole image. It would be great to merge the "crop render" with the previous render in CIE.
The advantage of doing this in CIE:
-is that beside the beauty pass, the render passes will be merged as well with the new information. This cannot be done in Photoshop or other post software automatically AFAIK.
-and furthermore we can load the previous conf file on the merged render, save as EXR and replace the beauty render and render elements in Photoshop.

Has anyone of the Devs seen this request?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Render Region mask element
« on: 2020-10-30, 19:11:11 »
or, If we can combine everything in CIE, it will be less time consuming then combining in Photoshop or whatever software package.
At least if your render out as CXR's
 I have requested it here

At the moment the Merge function in CIE is there for merging multiple images from a distributed Rendering nodes. Therefore it uses an "ADD-function". If I am not mistaken.

It would be great if we can have an optional "MIX-function" for merging multiple images.
In this way it will be possible merging an image with a "region render" image or "render selected" image. And even get merged render elements.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: CIE - a few requests
« on: 2020-10-21, 14:56:40 »
edit: made a separate post

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