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[Max] I need help! / Re: Cube map seams
« on: 2021-05-15, 10:52:43 »
Try to avoid using denoising and sharpening/bluring in frame buffer... then no visible seams appears.
You can check seams in PS if you cut and paste one square of cubemap and place it to correspondent another square.
If visible seams persist then it is probably issue on Layama side during resampling process...

So now it is more clear. The main diference is, that I mostly do cloudy day renders without sun or additional interior light. That's why I came across this noise problem when refl./refr. override is enabled. This scenario is not so common and I am assuming that optimization in rendering process in corona 6/7 was targeted for more common scenario(sun + sky)...therefore I see masive noise increase in direct light  render element.
Can be this considered as a bug or a simply unwanted regression in visual noise level in corona 6/7?

For now I will stay with corona 5, I am occasional "designer" (just few renders per year) so this is not something critical for me. Should I drop some report in bug section, or is this topic enough for devs to take a more indepth look?
Thank you again. ;-)

Hi, thank you for reply.

Hmm where did you find the wrong scale? I checked dimensions on every object and they are same(utility - measure  = object properties - general tab.) My system unit setup is 1 Unit = 1milimeter.

I also created just box with fliped polygons with one hole as window and the same issue - after enabling reflection/refraction override  the noise has increased in corona6+. Left and right render both 30s.

I also deleted the ENU folder to be sure that some script is not causing this issue...

Hi, when reflection/refraction override(black/gray/white color or tonemapped jpeg) in scene settings is enabled, masive noise is apearing using corona 6/7 latest daily. Corona 5 without issue.
Noise is visible in Direct render element, Indirect is very clean. Increasing LSM has almost no affect.
I am using only corona sky(Hosek Wilkie) in scene environment as a light source.
Tested 32s render, adaptivity off, UHD cache, GIvsAA 4, LSM 4, MSI 4, High.clamp 0, adapt. light off, random sampler new improved. Corona5 with portals, for corona6/7 no portals and env.sampler changed to adaptive.
Renders in corona 7 identical with 6.
Scene in attachment.

Any workaround? Similar issue mentioned @cecofuli in this topic

How about this system I've just spotted is a better one than the dual x5650 it's about £30 more expensive?

HP Z600 Workstation 4 x Xeon X5672  3.20Ghz 12 GB RAM
Compare benchmark results here   and you can search for additional CPU information (number of cores, max turbo multicore frequency) here

If you have exactly i5 4460, then 2x xeon 5650 will be roughly 4.5x faster, and your frame times will drops from 20min to 4.5min. and you will be waiting 225 hours for 3000 frames. If you will be rendering on both machines, it will be less :) .
As you mention, your scene is simple, so 24GB RAM in triple channel will not make rendering significantly faster.

EDIT: roughly math, 184hours (i5 + xeons)

The xeon E5640 is 9 years old architecture @2.8GHz.  2x E5640 is still slower than one 8core Ryzen 2700x (300€). You will be still waiting days, days and days to render 3000 frames.
Interior animation with just 2 windows is not easy task when you dont want to spent a lot of money on renderfarms.

If 100% photorealism is not so important you can use unreal engine or unity to render animation. It will take one or two days to prepare scene(PBR textures, prepare objects for prebake shadows/ realtime GI, set reflection cubes, ...) but you can save a lot of monney and also time. 3000 frames can be rendered in game engines ~ 30min on your computer. GPU is not so important, even office dedicated low end graphics card is enough.

Gallery / Re: Autumn CGI Kitchens
« on: 2019-03-25, 12:09:18 »
Excelent, ...except one thing....too much soup in a plate :D

Gallery / Re: Cuban Living
« on: 2019-03-25, 12:02:59 »
Lovely colors

Off-Topic / Re: Funny images/videos
« on: 2019-03-25, 11:58:23 »
My RAM probably needs replacement.
Reason: fluctuating heart pulse <3

Gallery / Re: WTO
« on: 2018-10-18, 08:53:01 »
Great lighting!

Forest pack is not RAM hungry until you creating millions of instances. Check how many primitives unique.: and how many Instances: do you have in corona render scene stats.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Really slow render for animation
« on: 2018-10-06, 14:53:17 »
Just quick look:

There are no portals in windows, camera is behind glass window, no camera is assigned in forest pack carpet (waste of polygons which are not visible), new light solver should be enabled in render settings if you are using not some but plenty of lights :) .

EDIT1: also backplates with corona light material outside did not help you in terms of reality and speed. Corona sun angle is useless in your example.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds version 3
« on: 2018-09-16, 19:13:34 »
From changelog:
Improved light sampling in case the geometry is very close to a spherical light.
Can this help eliminate noise near light which was switched off in lightmix?....issue from this topic ?

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