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Title: Clean masks when using DOF
Post by: mantaskava on 2021-10-24, 16:51:48
Hey everyone.

Is it even possible to get super clean masks when using dof? I want to comp in Davinci Fusion, but I find that I get some kind of "halo'ing"/dark edges when trying to use blurred (because of dof) masks. And now I wonder if that's even possible, or should I leave dof for post production? If so, what's the best software to get most realistic and easy dof effect?

Thank You
Title: Re: Clean masks when using DOF
Post by: Crazy Homeless Guy on 2021-11-09, 21:10:45
Are you using Fusions default tools or a 3rd party tool?  If you are using the default tool then I would try Frischluft Lenscare or Rowbyte Fast Bokeh instead.  Frischluft is $$, Rowbyte has a free beta test version as it is still in development.

There are also a few other 3rd party scripts that you can find in the Steak Under Water Reactor Suite, or on their forum.

Side note, you will need the Studio version of BMD Fusion to use 3rd party tools. 

Frischluft Lenscare:
Rowbyte Fast Bokeh:
Steak Under Water:
Title: Re: Clean masks when using DOF
Post by: mantaskava on 2021-11-18, 11:13:55
Thanks, gonna look into those.
But generally speaking I'm wondering if it's even possible to get a good/clean mask (which includes dof effect/blurry edges) for PP. Let's say I want to color correct a single object in an image, and that image has dof effect rendered/baked in. I found when I select that item with dof'ed masks and then color correct it some weird stuff happens with the edges. I read that cryptomatte is much better at handling dof/motion blur when it comes to mask, but Corona doesn't support it yet. And so I started thinking maybe I'm trying to achieve something that is not even possible without cryptomattes, but then another question arises- how did people do this before cryptomatte exist. Or how do people get nice clean masks in Corona which doesn't support cryptomatte?
Title: Re: Clean masks when using DOF
Post by: romullus on 2021-11-18, 11:45:51
Cryptomatte support is planned in V8 along with many other highly anticipated features: