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Title: CGAxis Models
Post by: Mark00us on 2021-10-19, 16:57:15
Just wondering if anyone has been using models from CGAxis and what the quality of them is like. There is an offer on there subscription plan with 60% off.

 Anyone have any thoughts on this since there seams to be a lot of models on there. Thanks!
Title: Re: CGAxis Models
Post by: jms.lwly on 2021-10-19, 18:25:54
I've had the annual subscription for a few years - the more recent the model, the better it is (some of the very oldest content isn't so good) and the models themselves are mostly fine with the exception of the trees which vary a lot in quality.

I generally always re-wire the textures, even when they are shown as 'Corona' versions they sometimes have weird IOR values or extreme bump - but the models themselves are reasonable.

I would say the best thing about it is how large the library is, even if it does need a little tweak before you can use it - still miles better than starting something from scratch especially when populating a big scene.

Title: Re: CGAxis Models
Post by: burnin on 2021-10-19, 20:49:46
Good enough for works done w/o much hustling. "You get what you pay for."