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Jobs / 3D Artist for ArchVIZ Berlin / Germany
« on: 2021-03-22, 09:49:19 »
We are looking for a 3D Artist for a full employment position in Berlin.

Please no freelancer applications.

Full details can be found here:

Thanks and have a great day,


I am also getting a feeling for when caustics will change. Basically every time we render a region instead of the whole render or change the resolution, the result will look different. It is what you can see in the screenshot that i previously posted.

Sure. Ticket no was 189737. Back then there was a chance it was caused by using a VrayHDRI for the environment but since we used CoronaBitmap this time, it really seems to be a bug.

We have a similar issue. Caustics look different in renders of the same scene. Sometimes strong, sometimes barely visible. We didn't even use interactive. It is driving me nuts. I had reported it a while back but haven't received any real support back then. When will this be fixed?

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