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I have a 3970x workstation sitting in a standard ATX case/motherboard and I would like to make it more portable .

Was thinking about Cerberus X but recently I found a thread here on forum that the CPU needs to be watercooled and there is only (or was) only one liquid cooler at that time which was faulty . Are there currently more options for TRX4 watercooling ? or possibly air cooling ? I would need to transport the computer by car sometimes and I am not sure how risky it is with a water cooling system installed

Many thanks for advice

What is your opinion about this Dell?

1 XPS 17 (9720)
1 Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900HKH de 12.a generación (24 MB de caché, hasta 5,0 GHz, 14 núcleos)
1 Pantalla táctil UHD+ de 17,0" (3840 × 2400), InfinityEdge, antirreflectante, 500 nits 1 Exterior Platinum Silver, interior negro
1 Memoria DDR5 de 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) a 4800 MHz 1 SSD NVME PCIe M.2 de 1 TB
1 Cable de alimentación eléctrica europeo
1 Adaptador de corriente tipo C de 130 W, negro
1 Batería de 6 celdas, 97 Wh (integrada)
1 Etiqueta para procesador Intel(R) Core(TM) i9
1 NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 3060 con 6 GB de memoria GDDR6 [60 W]
1 Tarjeta inalámbrica Intel(R) Killer(TM) Wi-Fi 6 1675 (AX211) 2 × 2 + Bluetooth 5.2
1 Teclado retroiluminado interno, español (QWERTY)


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