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Strange behavior 3dsmax 2022 and dr


When the dr starts in the nodes 3dsmax 2022 starts up and asks for username and password, with 3dsmax 2021 this did not happen, did it happened to someone else?
thank you


as not mentioned, I still have to try the solution, I leave the tread in case there is someone else who has encountered the same problem

It might be that you need to install the PUs, 2022 would not work in headless/server mode without license prior to the hotfix (included in later product updates):

We recently had a similar case, and I also experienced it in my tests. The solution may be activating 3ds Max, or at least logging in with your account. One way to simplify this (and it worked in my case) would be to install the Autodesk Desktop App and sign in in it.

thank you for reply, i will try.


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