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Crazy blinking UI

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Hi, for some weeks I have this problem, lately more and more often, when it starts it goes on minutes in which I can not save or do any other action, I tried to reinstall the video drivers and all the Microsoft-Visual-C-Runtime, can someone help me?

i have installed corona 7 and 3dsmax 2021

Thank you

Definitely looks non-Corona, and probably GPU. Check things like processes, see what is using up CPU, GPU, and RAM, could be you have something running on your system that is unwanted. Could also be the GPU is failing or some other hardware issue. Could be rolling back video drivers to an earlier version will help.

thank you, I'll try as you said.

If the whole screen was flashing I’d say video card, but since it’s just 3ds max and certain windows flashing it looks like maybe you haven’t disabled control flow guard and a few of those other protections that can actually hinder 3ds max especially on AMD cpus and can cause exactly this behavior. 

There’s a few threads on this forum about disabling CFG and similar tweaks that really help reduce similar issues.

Just my $0.02, hope it helps!

What's your RAM usage when this happens?


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