Author Topic: Looking for "PRO" C4D user to convert our .max files to .c4d  (Read 306 times)

2021-04-22, 22:35:43


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we are looking for "PRO" C4D user to convert our .max files to .c4d files.
The scenes are not complicated (some of them are 2-3 MB with 5 basic shaders and 10 objects).

Our goal is to get the same rendering as you see in 3ds max.
You have to import the 3ds max models in C4D, converting shaders and provide us the final render (1080p) from C4D as proof of the result.
Plus, the .c4d files must be well optimized, with understandable object/shader/layer names (as in the 3ds max source files).


Please send the following:

(1) - Some examples of your work (especially interior).
(2) - English Language.
(3) - Your location.
(4) - Rate for the a basic .max file conversion.


For any info, write me in PM in this forum.

Thank you!