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Just wanted to share my excitement with you as i saw the latest build change log. WOW!

Thank you soo much for fixing the base bump and metal colour issue! You guys rrrrrrrrrrrrrrock!

[Max] Feature Requests / Denoiser Exclude List
« on: 2021-04-14, 17:51:27 »
Is it possible to have an exclude list for Denoising?

When i render automotive stuff, i very often would like to exclude the carpaint from any denoise opperation since it kills the metallic flakes.
I'm currently doing it by saving different beauty's with and without denoiser.

It would be just amazing to have something like a internal masking with exclusion.

Thank you.

Is the PhysicalMtl supports MultiTile Map for using UDIMS already?

One thing which was always a difficult approach for me was, light behind frosted glass.

In the attachement you can see an example of Roughness 0 to Roughness 0.01.
I quite not understand why a frosted glas can block soo much light. I understand that at some point like 0.4-0.6 you loose a lot but why already at 0.01? It seems like it clamps right above 0.

This behavior is also happening with the LegacyMtl. Can somebody maybe explain if this is intentional? Thank you.

Ok from what i can tell you today is that the new PhysicalMtl is not made for carpaints and other painted metallic mixed surfaces with clearcoats.

I don't know if this is intentional, but uncontrollable things happen.
If you make a fresh new physicalMtl and change metallnes to metal and add a full red base colour 128.0.0 with roughness to 0.3, you can see that the red colour is changing to your light source by angle. Weird...
Now if you change the base colour to 64.0.0 you get a pinkish output which doesn't makes sense.

Im working with the phsyical material for few days now and it makes much fun. I really would like to use it as my standard mtl.

I have installed the latest build today to check the new physical material and the first issue i came accross is this one with base bump affecting clearcoat.

Not only that the base bump is affecting the coat layer, even the bump isn't calculated like it should (see first two images below).

Copying the whole scene in a new fresh one solved the issue. So it was compatibility issue within max itself.

I just wanted to open an older scene which was saved with Max 2019 and Corona 5 and it doesn't render anything.
It just stops after trying to parse the scene. It doesn't crash but the render window just closes. When i activate IR i get a Max crash.

I have installed Corona 5 again and the same happens. So is this Max 2021 related?

Thank you!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New bloom and glare playground!
« on: 2020-06-26, 11:46:06 »
The new lens effects are just awesome! Much closer to photorealism!

Thanks for that!

Displacement recalculation while IR is pretty slow with latest buiild. I even got max crash. No heavy displacement, just a pixel depth of 2-3 and stock settings.

Gallery / THE X5 M
« on: 2020-05-03, 09:59:32 »
New project i did using the latest Corona 6 Daily Build.

Any news here?

This bug is still present on latest Corona 5 Build.

I just wanted to let everyone now, that i've puplished a automotive material library for Corona.

Please fallow this LINK if you are interested in details.

Thank you!

I run in to one issue where Max is crashing after using IR:

Start IR
Stop IR
Hit Show VFB
Max crash without option to save.

Running RC1 and Max'19 i had it also on older dailys. It doesnt seem to be scene specific. Had it on different scenes.

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