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[Max] Feature Requests / Denoiser Exclude List
« on: 2021-04-14, 17:51:27 »
Is it possible to have an exclude list for Denoising?

When i render automotive stuff, i very often would like to exclude the carpaint from any denoise opperation since it kills the metallic flakes.
I'm currently doing it by saving different beauty's with and without denoiser.

It would be just amazing to have something like a internal masking with exclusion.

Thank you.

I just wanted to open an older scene which was saved with Max 2019 and Corona 5 and it doesn't render anything.
It just stops after trying to parse the scene. It doesn't crash but the render window just closes. When i activate IR i get a Max crash.

I have installed Corona 5 again and the same happens. So is this Max 2021 related?

Thank you!

Gallery / THE X5 M
« on: 2020-05-03, 09:59:32 »
New project i did using the latest Corona 6 Daily Build.

I just wanted to let everyone now, that i've puplished a automotive material library for Corona.

Please fallow this LINK if you are interested in details.

Thank you!

Gallery / In the Desert
« on: 2019-05-24, 09:17:18 »
Hi, i just wanted to share my recent work with Corona.

The scene is Full CG. Textures are from Friendly Shade. Corona Sun and Sky with Volumetric Fog is used only. No extra lights, even for the interior shot.

These pictures contain no massive postwork. Camera Raw conversion only with tiny cosmetic touches. That's it!

@Corona Team
You guys do an awesome Job with Corona! Please keep it up and push it further! It is just awesome! 

[Max] Bug Reporting / Shadowcatcher not working properly
« on: 2018-10-14, 21:08:21 »
I run into this issues very often. The shadowcatcher is producing wrong shadows at certain angles or light situations. Contact shadows look inverted and there is also ghosting visible in dark aeras. See front angle samples. On the rear wheel (left hand side) you can see through the car slightly.

This issue is common by many users.

Note: changing the "Shadow amount" makes no difference.

I have this issue since bloom and glare is released. I run into this very often and i noticed that it happens with reflected highlights. Same light source which is visible directly to camera would produce better results. I hoped that this gets fixed with Corona 2, now i hope with Corona 3 for some progress.

And it doesn't matter if tone mapping is on or off. See attachment.

Thank you.


i just switched to a new WS with an AMD Ryzen TR 1950x from Intel i7-4770K.

I have this little issue with parsing time when i'm going to re-render something. On the first render it gets calculated in few seconds. But when i cancel the render and hit render again the parsing time takes 1-2mins until it starts to render again. This is pretty annoying when you work with IR.

Is this a known issue on AMD systems?

Hi i made a short tutorial on how to setup corona to render caustics!

[Max] I need help! / Link CoronaTriplanar
« on: 2018-02-10, 16:26:08 »
Don't know if this is already been discussed but is there an option to link a CoronaTriplanar within a material? Like if you're using Diffuse Spec and Bump textures which is different but have the same coordinates...

I'm looking for a solution on this as i always pay attention to make changes severall times within an material. I think this can be handled smarter.


Sometimes when i render over a backround image i want to blur my rendered objects to balance with backround image. But the blur or sharpen option affects backround too. Maybe a checkbox in the corona output which can be activated to disable this. Normally i want to keep my backround image as it is.


[Max] Bug Reporting / blurred backround image with DoF
« on: 2018-01-25, 00:43:06 »
i found a bug where backround images (direct vis override) get blurred dramatically when DoF is enabled. I tested this with CoronaCam and a Standard Cam.

Currently i can't use a backround image with DoF which is sad. I'm running 1.7 hotfix2

since we have the switch between spherical and dome in HDR images, me and many other users would love to have the feature known in Autodesk VRED where you can animate the projection of your HDR dome. It is really easy and fast to set. Also it produces correct motion blurred reflections too.

Head over to 9m25s to see this awesome solution.

I would love to have a gizmo like geometry in my viewport where i can set an animation AND where i can also scale the projection dome. This is really handy if you have a HDR on a Road for example.

I also made some examples for you guys just to see how much better it is to have this kind of ability.


Can we please have .tif (16bit) file format for CIE.
The other ones are only 8bit and somehow i get wrong gamma if i export as exr. I know there is a gamma issue in PS if you open a 32bit exr where you have to use the embedded profile to get proper result but still my images are darker compared to png or jpeg.


i just want to know your experiences on how to handle heavy scenes with large amount of polygons at high resolutions and low RAM such as a 32GB workstation for example.

Since time pasts and the quality of the models gets higher and higher i'm running more and more often to max crashes if i want to render high resolution renders >4k with >30mil polygons (CAD files). I know that the internal resolution is set to 1 by default which is great but i need further optimizations just to get a more stable scene on rendering for production as i get crashes even at 2-3k without any displacement or render elements. I'm working on a 32GB workstation at home. Same scenes working fine at workstations with 96GB at work but i need to get workarounds for my 32GB workstation.   

I read at corona helpdesk something about "Reduce the total number of instances". Normally i prepare all my scenes by deleting all mirrorable parts and then mirror them as instance again. So now i'm a bit confused a little bit with that "Reduce the total number of instances". Which way is now better to reduce ram usage?

What exactly corona does when "lowmem" is activated? How much it can help for render above 4k?

What or how high are the benefits of disabling the VFB? Any drawbacks? Anyone with experience here?

No option:
satisfy with low res
reduce polygon size

Also i could imagine a "high res production" mode at corona which can be activated optionally where the VFB shows only a 10-20% image resolution just to see progress and have control on post process while corona renders internally a resolution like 12k. This could be really helpful as i know that from Autodesk VRED which already have this kind of feature.

Thanks for any tips or help!


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