Author Topic: Cant render with displacement enabled and itoo forest..  (Read 57 times)

2023-03-17, 21:20:15


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Hi, I have a not too big scene with a big problem.. I cant render it using displacement if i have the forest on.  WILL eat 128gb of ram..
All the terrain has a corona layer material with displacement (composite displacement and masks)
The scene only has the terrain and the forest objects

Scenario were it works:
Displacement on, terrain isolated   OK
Displacement on, all the itoo forest objects Isolated  OK
Displacement on, all the itoo forest objects WITH a different surface terrain that the one with displacement   OK

Scenario NOT working:
Displacement on, terrain and forest objects visible  NOT working

Corona 9.1
Max 23.3
Ryzen 7950x   128gb Ram