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2023-03-17, 14:28:06


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This thread serves as a support team changelog, where we will be periodically listing our Help Center and Documentation Portal updates (and more).

New in Corona 10 daily builds:
- You can now control clouds color by adjusting sun color. Affected articles:
How to add daylight to my scene in Corona for 3ds Max?
How to use Corona Sky Clouds - 3ds Max
Corona Sky Map

- You can now place a camera inside a volume (even if it's an object) or at the interface of multiple volumes (e.g. air and water):
New Volume Resolving in Corona 10
Camera inside volumes playground thread

- Updated FumeFX guides:
Volumetric FX - Known bugs and limitations
Unexpected FumeFX Error

- Updated NVIDIA AI Denoiser errors article:
NVIDIA GPU AI Denoiser Errors

- We have started a forum cleanup process to make sure all important user reports are addressed correctly, move some threads to the appropriate forum sections, remove spam, etc.

- Updated photographic exposure articles:
How to use photographic exposure controls in Corona for 3ds Max?
How to use Tone Mapping - 3ds Max

- Created a new article covering issues with dot ( . ) vs comma ( , ) issues in the Corona VFB and how to resolve them (generally, there should be no issues with this anyway):
Entering decimal values in VFB Tone Mapping does not work

- Added a short Cosmos changelog in:
Chaos Cosmos

- Other minor fixes

Note: if you spot any issues, something isn't working, or you would like to share any kind of feedback with us - please contact us here.

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