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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Cosmos Keeps Refreshing - On MAC
« Last post by GerardNL on Today at 19:46:54 »

After I performed a clean install of MacOs Ventura and installed the latest Cinema 4D + Corona, the Chaos Browser does not work properly. The browser works for a while, but as soon as I get a notification to do an update, it goes wrong. I can't perform this update and I end up seeing a white window. Even if I reinstall everything, so first install Corona and then separately install the latest version of the Chaos Browser, it also goes wrong. I also get continuous ULA messages. Hopefully you have a solution for me.

Kind regards,

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Rejection of reflection
« Last post by TomG on Today at 18:28:04 »
I don't understand the question fully, sorry - do you mean a "Preserve reflections" checkbox? There are no plans for this as basically by then you aren't overriding anything anyway, and you're as well working with the full materials as you aren't getting the benefits of simplified lighting, nor of any faster rendering while working on the scene. Though maybe you mean something else, let us know :)

EDIT - BTW, preserve glass is only there because of windows, otherwise most scenes would be plunged into darkness and need manually hiding those objects; it's not there due to preserving refraction and reflection being "useful" beyond making sure light can still enter the scene.
[Max] General Discussion / Rejection of reflection
« Last post by LE DON on Today at 17:33:26 »
I noticed the removal of material reflections was missing in the material overrides. Will it be added in an upcoming update?
Hi, I can see your support ticket. It is being handled by the right team now and you will be assisted ASAP. Sorry for this inconvenience.
[C4D] I need help! / Re: worn edges with AO
« Last post by Beanzvision on Today at 16:31:03 »

[C4D] I need help! / Re: worn edges with AO
« Last post by TomG on Today at 16:29:31 »
Following this for curvature:

or this:

AO doesn't work? It should, I saw nothing in the video you shared that couldn't be done :)
[C4D] I need help! / worn edges with AO
« Last post by Edmund on Today at 16:05:45 »
So I'm hoping to do something like this: but using Corona renderer.

So far I haven't found any way to do it, even trying this: ( from the Corona Website doesn't seem to be as good.

I was wondering if anyone had any tutorials or docs they could share? I'm particularly interested in creating nicely worn and scratched edges, even chipped.

I know the new Corona Renderer has curvature, but it doesn't give the desired result like in the video posted.

Thanks in advance. 
[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Corona 10 glass material
« Last post by Avi on Today at 15:47:20 »

Just to update others that the Amit issue was resolved when he used the newest Corona 10 daily build. If someone is also experiencing similar issues then try using the latest Corona 10 daily build.
Gallery / Double bedroom with dark colors
« Last post by lucas12pg on Today at 15:01:10 »
hello everyone, first time here, passing by to share my latest project, a double bedroom!!!
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Affordable Render Farm Services
« Last post by Konichowaa on Today at 14:45:39 »
I use Ranchcomputing since several years. Good results and good service too.

It works with a checker-plugin to make/send a project archive with textures to the farm, and alerts you for the most common errors and warnings. Some testing is required though and some rules to put on your checklist before sending, in order to get an expected result without missing textures etc. .
There is also quite good support for plugins on different C4D versions.

The main reason I switched from rebus to ranchcomputing is the feature for corona to render with a noise treshold and/or time limit, so which reaches first... (I'm not sure if rebus supports this feature these days. I also admit that I was very pleased with Rebus support and follow progress on mobile app!)
e.g. my renders mostly render on 4000px width, noise 3.8 or a maximum of 1.5h of rendering (on the farm). The 1.5 hours rendering is aproximately 5 euros per image then (depending on the extra preparation time, but the time limit is a good guard for budgetcontrol)
there are besides standardnodes with 128GB also 256Gb RAM for large scale projects and it offers different rates for the number of nodes and priority you require.

PS: You can get volume discount throughout the year but my personal tip is to buy annual renderpoints on black friday, to get even more complemetary points ;-)
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