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i use the asset browser all time for all, works actually well for us .

the only thing is i not store the textures inside the browser database, but keep texture referenced as external files on disc/server. this is more reliable and also faster.

also final v11 freezes and freezes 3-5x per hour in IPR work. Similar we had in v8 ir v9 betas i think. somehow ti seems to have come back

even though i am in deep hurry i try to generate a dump file from task manager.

the behavior is pretty weird:

1) c4d freezes while corona ipr is running and i work or move ipr window etc(nothing special, always different things)
2) i go to task manager and find c4d ONLY in background tasks, it says it was stopped. i force quite it
3) c4d stays visible even though i did force quit it via task manager!
4) i go back to task manager, NOW i finally see c4d as active app, but frozen (ram and CPU usage not changes also if i wait)
5) i force quite thhe active app, now c4d finally is gone and i restart c4d and try to work again(until next crash)

i experience same in r25 and r2023 ( i am not yet on 2024 for production due some bugs in 2024 from c4d side, like wrong coordinate manager rounding)

hope the above info helps, i send a dump as soon i can! (sadly this seem to take ages so i cant right now)

somehow i cannot select more than 1 light in lister, ideally, it should work as in Object Manager with shift, to select any number of lights and edit them at once, as this is possible in c4d.

if that isn't possible i add that as a feature suggestion


as the title say, i think it would be great to be able to put a layer inside the include exclude list for faster /better workflow using the material overwrite.

so materials and or objects assigned to that layer would be respected in the exlude list p.e.
i assume that is relatively easy to add (i tried atm it not allows me to drag in a layer), but maybe a great helper.


the scene i cannot send sadly it is from a customer and under nda.
as this is a competition and i am in in a hurry i installed rc2 again for now to finis the job

when i have time i can try re install this version and try a minidump, but maybe others experience the same? the scene had nothing special, only material overwrite on(with exceptions)

hi guys

just installed corona v11 rc3, c4d r25, sadly this gives me c4d freezes every 2-15 minutes, not sure why i not so any special.
i can only force quit c4d then.
in same scene in older v11 was all was ok in same scene

any idea
any other have this?
seems new and only rc25 which i installed 3h ago.

maybe check inside the displace tag if it is set to box and change it to another de like wireframe etc

dear Corona team,

i prefer Corona much more over Vray today, but i miss quite much some features from the new VFB2 in V-ray6, like the great masking tool in frame buffer (multimatte mask, cryptomatte mask, or integer mask on any effect)

also pls give back the option to open the curve window, the small integrated curve editor makes it impossible to work with it precicely, curves are eswsent8al tools for many worksflows


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[C4D] General Discussion / Re: VFB refresh
« on: 2023-11-18, 19:33:50 »
well, yes i know that so far, but in other engines in c4d it seems to work with material changes, like octane p.e is pretty good in that. there material changes almost never trigger a full refresh.
I'm not sure if they do something totally different, but as it also uses c4d "sdk based" materials and c4d mapping data, i think it might be possible for Corona too.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: color edge shader?
« on: 2023-11-16, 19:03:38 »
well both have the issue (many times reported by me and others here) that they react on displacement in the material which is a real deal breaker for many effects.

so i hoped an edge based shader would do similar but ignore the displacement within a surface. (maybe optional  like to use any edges starting with a certain phong angle)

p.s maybe this can be considered for future updates, if easy to add. it would make corona even more powerful and solve the old  AO and curvature+displacement  issue i think. best of course of Corona could find a way to fix these problems directly, so it works like v-ray dirt.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: color edge shader?
« on: 2023-11-16, 10:37:03 »
ok i think i expected it wrong. it works for me on open edges, but not on edges within an object, like a grease or corner f a cube etc.
would it be possible to add support for an option to also edges not on open ends?

(i hoped it would solve the AO Iissue (with reacting to fine displacement)

[C4D] Daily Builds / color edge shader?
« on: 2023-11-15, 19:33:30 »
are there some infos or examples on how to use?


well, they seem to compare it with an ultra low end nvidia model 4060. this is the lowest available nvidia card, many times slower than a 4070,4080 or 4090.

to be honest i would not could to be the m3 any near an modern 3d pc(not gpu not cpu) with modern high end specs. same wonders had been said on m2 which didnt become true.

why not make the new scene converter also backwards working (corona<-->vray6),
i assume it is pretty easy to revert the direction, then any corona scene can be converted to vray in 1 click and exported to vantage. many studios have both corona and vray. this woudl it make also easier to work with both together.

this woudl bring more vantage customers to chaos and make many corona users happy.

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