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Corona Proxy Exporter (continuous updates)

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johan belmans:

--- Quote from: daniel266 on 2015-07-07, 21:35:54 ---Is there a way to have a proxy to mesh converter in the same script-dialog? i mean the revert back option for a proxy

--- End quote ---

Why would you need that option in the script?
If you right click on a proxy object, a quad menu opens with the option "convert to mesh"

Lol i didnt know that :( sorry

johan belmans:
no worries :)

New version is up, supporting animated proxies. You will need a current daily build (2015/09/10) to use it.
Download link in the first post.

*v0.03 - [2015/09/10]
- animated proxy support (requires build of 2015/09/10 yyyy/mm/dd or later)

Another update, but this one also ships with Corona 1.3

*v0.04 - [2015/11/02]
- fix: proxies are always exported as animation
- undo can be disabled for exporting hundreds of objects => tremendous speedup
- some other minor speed improvements
- changed .cproxy to .cgeo


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