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Cubemap panorama stitching issues

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Hello. I'm using max23+corona9 for vr 360 cubemap panorama 12:1 1536px and meet the stitching issues all the way. Im using Corona hq denoising and have read that problem was fixed along time ago, but for some reason i have it.
Any thoughts?

The vr link and file attached

Hi, sorry, but we can't help you with Corona 9 issues. Please update to Corona 11 HF2 and let us know if the issue is still there -

I'll try this version on my friends pc and let you know. I don't wanna jump to the next because at this moment this is only bug for me.
Do i expect the faster rendering time at 11ver on my config?
I9-14900k, 64ram, 1tb nvme ssd.
12:1 1536p 2mil polys - 2hr of rendering.
1:1 spherical 8k - 8hr sooo long

Generally you're always going to have issues with cube maps and denoising as the denoising is screen space instead of object.
Spherical renders will give you less seams to stitch but a distorted result. If you're able to denoise in a separate application then you might be better off converting the cubemap to spherical in post, denoise that and then mask in those areas.

Sounds like a huge gap from corona devs, as cubemap is a more progressive vr image that easy to post process.
Any suggestions which software to use for denoising? Because even 2% noice with cubemap looks bad in oculus quest 3.


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