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Corona freezes when stop rendering


Hello, Cinema freezes as soon as I hit stop rendering. The issue with the IES lights (Corona won't accept IES profiles from the Cinema asset browser) has been resolved. The result is freezing.) A little while later, I have to deal with another freezing. When I can't rely on this renderer, it is quite unpleasant. I can't spend days trying to figure out which assets I can use, whether I can use this function or not, etc.

Okay, after spending some time trying to identify the issue, I've discovered that the carpet material from Corona Library is to blame for the freezing.

some time later:

SOOOO NOOOOOOOO......I thought I have solved the problem but apparently not. It freezes again. But it happens only when using interactive rendering.

Hello LeSill,
Could you please provide me with the following details?:
-What is your Cinema4D version?
-What is your Corona version?
-What is your OS version?
If you're using macOS, please let me know if you're using an Intel or M-series CPU.
If you prefer, you can submit a support ticket to share this information with us instead of posting it here.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards.

I came to the office today to test it again before sending you the file. It astonished me that it didn't happen today. I didn't make any changes, and the problem went away. The same thing happened when I had the IES light problem. As soon as the problem arises again, I will write you all the specifications and email you the file. For the time being, it appears that the strange bug was most likely on my PC.
Best wishes

Hi LeSill,
Thanks for the update.
I'm glad the issue is somehow solved now.
If you need further assistance and need to send some files, you can submit a support ticket instead. (you can find the link in my signature)
Have an amazing day/evening.
Kind regards.


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