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Corona Scatter - Open vs. Closed Splines


Hey there!

I think i discovered a bug ;)
If you look at the attached screenshots, you'll see a simple scene, where some trees (i used the "Tree Avenue 001" Preset from the cosmos browser) are scattered along a rectangular spline. As long as the checkbox "close spline" is ticked on, everything works as intended. As soon as the checkbox is ticked off, one clone appears out of nowhere right in world center (only in render, not visible in viewport).

Only solution for us was to move the proxies down below the "surface" of our scene. so the trees where still scattered correctly on the spline but the mysterious tree in the middle was below everything in stead of, in our case, growing out of a house ;)

But this then led to another strange behaviour: When i moved the proxys down, all corona camera tag overrides in the rendersettings got lost and the standard settings for exposure, shutter time, etc where used.

Tested on our renderfarm (windows pc, cinema 2023.2.2, Corona 10) as well as on my workstation (windows pc, cinema 2023.2.2, Corona 10).

Would be nice, if you give it a try.

Steps to reproduce:

- create a spline
- if parametric, convert spline
- scatter some objects (cr proxies in my case) on it
- render

Try this once with "close splne" on and once with off.

Have a nice week!


Edit: The clone seems to be always in world center, no matter where the spline is placed in the scene

Hi Moritz,

Are you able to share a test scene for us as I was not able to reproduce this?

Hey Bengamin,

sure, here you go.

The ID is: T6EF-TNP3

Hi Moritz,

Thanks for the file. I also tested this with C4D's Mograph cloner and got almost the same result other than the instance at 0,0,0 with Chaos Scatter. I will submit a report for further investigation.
(Internal ID=1160532609)


Chaos Scatter:


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